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Christian Music is on the Attack  
All things considered, longtime Disciple fans should be delighted with Attack which is never ashamed to proclaim Christ.
Do You Have a Love/Hate Relationship With Christian Music? 
We all have our opinions about Christian music. Many people love contemporary Christian music, while others think it lacks realness and authenticity.
King & Country Run Free in Run Wild  
If you don’t already know, For King & Country is the fast-rising pop/rock duo of Joel and Luke Smallbone, younger brothers of Rebecca St. James.
Matthew West - The Motions (Official Music Video) 
Making it's world premiere debut on Godtube, Matthew West's new video, The Motions. View it now, then share the video with friends!
One Exceptional Anomaly 
Want to own a piece of musical history? Pick up Anomaly from hip-hop artist Lecrae, and you’ll have the first set to debut at No. 1 on Billboard’s Gospel Albums.
Colton Dixon 'Never Gone' 
Jesus is never gone and this incredible song serves as a touching reminder. This will speak to you in volumes!
Ariana Grande’s Transition to Pop Tart is Complete on My Everything 
Following in the footsteps of other young pop stars, Ariana Grands is eager to prove she’s all grown up with her sophomore album.
Newly Married Adam Levine Hasn’t Changed His Tune on V 
V doesn't exactly do much for the cause of monogamy. If anything, it’s another reminder of how empty superficial relationships are.
The Afters - Light Up The Sky Music Video 
Godtube.com presents the exclusive world première of the brand new music video “Light Up The Sky” by The Afters. Director By Gavin Michael Booth. Produced by Gavin Michael Booth and Marie Jeannette. Mimetic Entertainment Inc. Album in stores now! http://budurl.com/TheAftersItunes
No Sinking Feelings in Anchor  
Despite his alternative hairstyle, Dixon can also speak to the more traditional faith-based listener.


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