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Simplicity Reigns Supreme on Trevor Hall’s Latest Chapter 
Truth be told, Hall has always been an artist who does things on his own terms. Unlike his contemporaries, he doesn't strike while the iron is hot.
Rhett Walker Band - Here's to the Ones 
Check out this brand new lyric video for Rhett Walker Band’s new single “Here’s To The Ones,” a tribute to all the American heroes out there!
Imogen Heap’s Sparks is Well Worth the Wait 
Like Richard Linklater’s cinematic masterpiece, Imogen Heap’s own magnum opus, Sparks, was also worth waiting a few years for.
New Hope Oahu - 'We Live' Lyric Video 
Check out this new music from New Hope Oahu - 'We Live' (Lyric Video), just one of the songs from their upcoming album, Victorious.
Shawn Mendes and the Split-Second Stardom  
All told, Shawn is a true snapshot of what a lot of kids are seeing and hearing online today.
Jars of Clay Celebrates Twenty Years with 20 
Jars of Clay celebrates twenty years together in 2014 with this aptly named double album 20
Crystal Lewis Croons Beautifully in 25 
This “Best Of” disc celebrates Crystal Lewis’ impressive career thus far.
Kari Jobe - Steady My Heart (Official Music Video) 
Do you ever have those days where you just need a boost? This beautiful new song by Kari Jobe will lead your heart into that special place of worship with God that will prepare your heart for the day ahead of you! Put on those headphones and crank it up!
Anberlin Explores the End in Lowborn 
Lowborn reflects the corners Anberlin has explored before. There’s a braid of dynamic aggression that surfaces in varying degrees.
New Band, About a Mile, Can Go the Distance  
About a Mile is worth a look for loyal fans of Christian music who generally prefer alternatives to general market hit makers.


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